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I am one class shy of completing a BA in Anthropology through Utah Valley University! During the summer of 2012, I attended archaeology field school in Southern Illinois through SIU (Southern Illinois University). We excavated units in the Kincaid Mounds Indian site just North of Brookport, Illinois, close to the southeastern border of the state. Here I am with the rest of the crew as the field school was winding down in June. I have on the REALLY ugly striped shirt (they told us to wear light-colored clothes we didn't care about). The girl to the far left, Brandy, and the guy to the far right (behind me), Wes, were our student instructors. Dr Welch, the University professor, is standing in the back row, center. Hugh, my digging partner is in the blue t-shirt. We are standing in front of one of the Indian Mounds.

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