3rd Term 8th Grade

I can define the ten 8th Grade Core prefixes:
  1. anti
  2. com
  3. con
  4. dis
  5. inter
  6. intr
  7. non
  8. pro
  9. super
  10. trans

I can listen to a direct teaching lecture (oral lesson with visual aids), take notes in my own words, and use them for reference for an assignment or quiz.

#1 Explain the difference between a Persuasion and Argument Essay (according to how it was explained in class).
#2 Explain the difference between fact and opinion.
#3 Define the commonly confused words, sight, site, and cite.
#4 Define primary source. Give an example.
#5 Define secondary source. Give an example.
#6 Define the three rhetorical devices that we use in Persuasion and argument essays:
        a) ethos--
        b) pathos--
        c) logos--