Argument Cheating Outline

Argument Essay Outline (Title)

Paragraph 1

Introduction with Hook


a) scenario/story (flashback, fiction or non fiction)

b) something read or told about (teacher cheating ring, parents, The Cheat)

Introduce/transition into topic

Claim: Cheating can not be justified because it is morally unacceptable, it damages others, and it is unfair to yourself.

Paragraph 2

Reason #1 Morally Unacceptable

Evidence #1 society doesn’t look on it as ok  

                --elephant in the room quote, Lahey

                --lying, stealing, dishonest, Witmer

Evidence #2 follows into the workplace (not ethical) and life (not nice)

                --Enron/Clinton; Crisis ABC

                --sends the message it’s okay; kids get impression there’s nothing wrong with it; Crisis ABC

Evidence #3 integrity matters

                --quotes Crisis ABC McCabe

                --quote Crisis ABC Josephson

Paragraph 3

Reason #2 Damages others

Evidence #1Kills trust

--trust in society (right vs wrong; what’s the point? (ABC)

--parents, teachers, boss  (Witmer)

Evidence #2 unfair competitive advantage

--teachers cheating on year end tests (Tomar)

--kids getting higher scores on college entrance (ABC Crisis)

--Grading on curve (ABC Crisis)

Evidence #3 taking credit for someone else’s work

--don’t get paid for what they wrote (Lahey)

--Sarah’s mother taking credit for highest score in the class (Goldman)

Evidence #4 sets a bad example


Paragraph 4

Reason #3 Unfair to the person who cheats (the cheater)

Evidence #1 hurts education

--don’t learn the basics (Tomar)

---makes the next step harder (Talk to kids, Lahey)

Evidence #1 forms a habit

                --follows into the workplace, teachers who cheat (ABC News)

--Clinton, Enron (ABC News)

Evidence #2 becomes part of who you are (Witmer)

--ruins reputation (Lahey) 

                --damages self-confidence (Witmer)

--means you don’t believe in yourself; self esteem (Witmer)

Paragraph 5

Counter claim

Other perspective-- well developed with several evidences from text

Circle back to why original claim is still correct (refutes counter claim)

Paragraph 6





Answer the question “so what?”