PJHS Hook Examples

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    America is like a pig. Thanksgiving is probably the time we will get the fatest. America gets fat today! All the people at their homes eating and eating. You see all those bellies get bigger and bigger. Tomorrow everyone goes crazy but that is for another time and another place. It’s the day we wake up we cook that turkey to get ready for grandma’s house. We pack and get ready for the car. The Turkey smells too good! Ooh! The pie! It’s especially my favorite. We finally arrive at grandma's  house. I can already taste the stuffing now. I walk Through the door and smell a burst of Thanksgiving. All the cousins are there saying hi, hello, hey. I go into the kitchen, there she is! “Hi grandma!”

Love Is Everywhere

As I walk up the front porch steps, I can already hear my Grandpa Roy telling his crazy stories, cousins running up and down the stairs excited to see each other, and family talking and laughing, I run up those old crooked steps, to the door and jump inside.  From the moment I step inside that old house the smell of the delicious homemade food lingers around, making everyone’s stomachs growl.  For me, the feeling of Thanksgiving is something almost… Magical.  For me it’s a day full of not just turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pies, family and friends, but things much deeper.  There’s the feeling of real love, and appreciation for everyone around you.  There’s a much deeper meaning.

Thanksgiving Words and Stuff About It

It was the day before Thanksgiving (the one before last year) and all through the abode, everyone was stirring, because there was smoke! The marshmallows were burning, THE MARSHMALLOWS WERE BURNING!! The ones on top of the yams, those marshmallows were now burned to a crisp. Every year this happened, yes, even the one before this. But this year’s Thanksgiving it didn’t happen, oh no, because we watched the marshmallows to make sure that there was NO smoke.

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The aroma of turkey, pie, and mashed potatoes hang heavy in the air. Many tables are heavy laden with a huge feast, all spread out and ready to be eaten. Many people linger all about talking and laughing, more food and people pouring in by the minute. Laughter fills the air, a happy feeling all around. It is a wonderful time of the year, a time for laughter, a time for family, a time for giving thanks. It is just another Thanksgiving with the Vellinga clan. It was a sobering start this year, with a young child falling off the stage and breaking his arm while his parents were helping set things up, but now everything was going smoothly. One of the original 13 siblings stands up, makes a few announcements, calls on someone to say the prayer, and then the feast begins. As we wait in line for our food, we talk and laugh together, catching up on things that have happened since the last time we saw each other. As people start finishing up, a few games start, little kids start running around, and adults chatter increases. It is lots of fun and stories from years ago are exchanged. I sit with my baby cousin, reading her stories and playing games with her. When it comes time to start leaving, the jokes and tricks increase, for no one wants to leave. My cousins even put whipped cream in one of our mom’s cousin’s hair! Finally we all leave and start to make that long drive home.

World’s Worst Thanksgiving

One hour. That’s how long it took to get to my grandparent’s house. Add the detour we took to pick up my great-grandma from her home, and you get two hours. Two hours sitting snug between your older brother who is twice your size and the side of the car. At least I have a window seat, even though I’m practically forced to keep my cheek against it at all times. That is what I remember most about my Thanksgiving. The car, the cramped condition of sitting in a two story house for eight hours with no one to hang out with except your older brother, and twenty or more little demon cousins that you have to babysit for the entire time.

Sick on Thanksgiving

It was around 8:00 when everyone started waking up. We were I was still tired and wanted to sleep but, when my step-dad put my little sister on my bed I was wide awake. They soon left and I got ready. I went down stairs to see everyone. Half an hour later we were all upstairs and I was starting to make my now famous mashed potatoes, yum. We hung around with each other and put up snowflakes on the ceiling that we had made the years before. By 1 we put the turkey in the oven stuffed with a grapefruit and some veggies. We played  some games and by 6 the turkey was done. We ate at 6:30 after all the food was warm and done. We sat around the table and after the prayer we ate. We had Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, and Green Beans. For dessert we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream. We had watched Joan of Arc and after dinner I was not feeling well so I went to bed early. Because I did not want to throw up at the table.

Thanksgiving Blast

        The cabin door opens with cheer. The Smith family is excited for thanksgiving dinner, football is on the tv, boys are cheering, girls were cooking. When the clock strikes 4 the family starts digging into there food.   B Smith a fourteen year old boy said, “ I love thanksgiving and I wouldn't change it.” His favorite thing about thanksgiving is seeing his favorite cousin that he doesn't see very often. If B could un-invite anyone to their thanksgiving dinner, it would be his brother R Smith.  That's something me and B do not have in common.

At the Jones family Thanksgiving dinner, the door opens with peace. We try to be quite as possible so everyone can talk, but we don't whisper. Four of us are in the kitchen making sure all the food is prepared. There are four tables for our big family. The little table is for the young boys. The middle table is for the grandparents and My uncle Larry and Carys family.  The third table is where my family and my aunt Lisa's family sits. Lisa boyfriend also sat with us and his two boys.  That was the best table. The fourth table is where all the food was put. It smelt of turkey and gravy.  My favorite part of thanksgiving was the drive up with just me and K. I also loved how we watched football as we ate. Thanksgiving was a blast!

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I woke up a little late on Thanksgiving day and had to hurry and get ready.  By the time I got to my Grandparents house it was around eleven o'clock and I was ready to eat, but I still had to wait for a couple more hours and I barely made it.  When I walked through the doors of my grandparents house I was hit with the heavenly scent of baking rolls and mashed potatoes! While we ate it was almost completely silent, the food was so good that we did not want to waste time talking.  While we ate my dog was under the table the whole time, he was more than happy to lick up anything we dropped.  My favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner was the warm rolls with melted butter and the sour and sweet cranberry sauce, yum! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because all of my family is together and we get to eat awesome tasting food.  When my uncle, aunt, and cousins came over we sat and talked for a while but then me and my cousins went and played outside for a little while, we got really cold really fast! I had a great Thanksgiving, I think it was the best one yet!

The Season of Stuffing

When she wakes up, she stumbles out of her room and her parents tell her that they will be going to her aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. She anxiously awaits the moment when she can sit down and eat all of the scrumptious food that everyone has prepared. When one o’clock finally arrives, they all pack into the car, and take off. The door swung open before she could even knock, and a rush of warm air flooded out onto the porch. She smelled the delicious, succulent turkey cooking in the oven and her mouth started watering uncontrollably. She walked in and immediately starts helping with setting the table. When she finally sat down to eat, she packed her plate to the rim with turkey, pie, peach cobbler, chicken, ham, cranberry sauce, corn, stuffing, jello, and bagels. She refuses to have any of the fruitcake because “the feeling in your mouth is disgusting!” She doesn’t stop eating until she feels like she is as big as Santa. After they are done eating, she goes and plays with her cousins, and just hangs out with her family.

"Courage" Essay Hook Examples

Courage: The Strength to Stand up and Live

Christiana stood at the edge of the diving board and looked into the deep, blue water. Her heart pounded in her chest. She hadn’t been on a diving board since she was eight years old. She had been too afraid after she had almost drowned. She took a deep breath to steady herself and jumped. She hit the water and almost panicked when her head went under. But then she remembered what her swimming teacher had taught her. ‘When you hit the water, just start swimming.’ Christiana kicked her legs and moved her arms through the water. To her relief she stayed afloat. She swam calmly through the water, relieved to be alive. When she was to the other side of the pool, her swimming teacher smiled and congratulated her on facing her fear.

"About Me" Essay Hook Examples

What’s in My Foot?

“5, 6, 7, 8…. Step prep, turn, turn, kick, pose, leap, and finish!  Great job girls!  See you tomorrow.”  When I was a two year old (I was the cutest and coolest two year old ever!) my mom started me in dance, it was the best thing that ever happened to me!  Why, because I am still dancing today, it is the pride and joy in my life!  I usually dance 17-22 hours a week, and we compete 5-7 times a year!  I do all kinds of dance, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Technique, Character, Elite, and many more.  C.U.S. stands for Central Utah Stars.  C.U.S. is the studio that I dance for.  We are a competitive group, from the make-up, to the costumes, the smell of hairspray over, and over again, and don’t forget the rhinestones.  It’s bling, bling all around.  We have a regional competition and a national competition which is always in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is one of my national competition experience.

Splash! The boat wobbled side to side. Then I jumped and I landed in the murky water so cold it took the air out of my lungs. I swam to the surface as fast as I could. My eyes were closed so I had no idea how far down I was. Then I surfaced and looked for was my friend, Tyler, he was already clinging on to the side of the boat. I swam the five or six feet to the canoe. Then my dad (the merit badge counselor) told us to empty our canoe of the sludge brown water and then get back in. Easier said than done in water above your head. The water had to be at least twenty to thirty feet deep in moon lake.

Dancing Queen

My heart is racing. My palms are sweaty, I can smell the stench of hairspray surrounding me. Glitter everywhere, my hair stiff with all the gel and hairspray. Will I be able to do this? I could just quit right now and be a coward, or I could go out there and rock it. I step onto the floor, my heart is about come out of my chest. I hit my beginning pose. The music starts and I lose myself and a whole different person comes over me. My heart and soul are completely into this dance. The song ends and I hit my ending pose. A rush of excitement comes over me, I had just performed my solo for the first time this season. And I had rocked it. But had my performence been enough? Only time would tell.

Country Gal

        The ball goes flying over my head and I quickly jump up and steal it away  from the other team.   I see a hand try to slap the ball away from me, but I dodge it quickly and keep running.   My feet hit the 3 point line and its finally the right moment. I stop, jump up, aim, and release the ball.  Somebody tries to block it, but they're too late. The ball goes sailing through the hoop.  Swish.  It’s in!


I slide the thick plastic bowl under the bed.  It’s overflowing with Lucky Charms.  One spills.  I put on a pouting face, pick it up, and slide it across the rim of the bowl back into its proper place.  A smile creeps onto my five-year-old face. “Sweetheart, come on!”  I run out of my room and up the stairs looking back at the bowl, grinning, and waiting.  When I return to my room, Scruffty, my dog, is laying on his side, the bowl empty.  “I’m glad you liked it,” I say proudly to my stuffed animal.

        I was born in Lansing, Michigan in the amazing year of 2000.

Still Waters

    We looked up from the driveway where we're standing, into the trees on the mountain. The flames crackled from the trees and the ash came down like a snowstorm was trying to start. The smoke blew down.  We knew it would be time to leave soon. As the sun set, the fire was a light against the dark night.  My Aunt had tears in her eyes as we left  for safety and she remained behind to try to save her home. This is a story from my life.

Good and the Bad

“Set hike!”  The football was snapped, and the quarterback handed me the ball. I looked up and saw a hole in the defense. I ran right through it, but somebody came up from behind and got a hold of me. The next thing I knew I was covered in the opposing team's defense. All of a sudden, pain shot through my hand and I went crashing down.

It seemed worse than it was . . .

Words Lead to Sentences: The Abridged Life of a Writer

    Life is like a compass.  It leads us to find new things about ourselves, and to ask new questions.  Throughout history we have seen many age groups portrayed.  Babies cry a lot, and live to make their parents lose sleep.  Toddlers are the golden children that secretly hid the older siblings favorite things.  The Grade Schoolers are at that age where they start to gain responsibility.  Teenagers text all day, and blare music as loud as they can with their windows down.  These are stereotypes, but some can be accurate depending on the person.

            I was always the good child . . .

Obsessed Gamer

            Ever since Mom and Dad bought a computer, it’s been my life, my world. I live inside it. Magical places, deadly creatures, epic battles, a world I can create or DESTROY if I want to. Here I’m in charge. Here I’m in control. Kind of like being a God of sorts.  My father introduced me to many virtual worlds. He would sit there for hours and hours playing Starcraft. Starcraft is a game that is a futuristic space, and time, the year is 3995.  The battle is between Humans, the Protoss, and Zerg. Each with a different reason to fight. You have to be smart to play this game, and be resourceful or you die.

    I don’t know why I like my gaming world better than the real world . . .

An Adventure in the Making

    The rain was barely coming down, I could feel it sprinkling my face like mist.  I stood there on the wet wooden platform waiting. Leaning against the rough tree branch next to me. The sound of cars driving on the freeway in the background.   I looked out over the barren landscape across the road  on my left.  There was nothing but weeds and a couple small buildings that looked like old houses or barns.  But to the right there was a tiny little log cabin, and there were trees everywhere.  I guess there should be a lot of trees, this is a ropes course.  I can hear my friends down below calling to me saying  “You can do it Maddy!” “Don’t be nervous.”

            I waved to them and thought “Nervous?”

My Story

    My story is about all the things that make up me.  One of my very first memories as a little kid was when I would make crafty little tissue paper roses with pipe cleaners as the stem for my mom on mothers day.  Making them in big bouquets in sunset and salmon various pinks, night time sky purples, and sparkling ocean blue.  I would give them to my mom smiling from ear to ear my bright blue eyes shining and rosy cheeks.  I was always that kind of a kid who was smiling a lot, giggling and doing crafty and silly things.

         For instance, I always loved to draw . . .

Don’t Stalk Me!

When I was only a few months old the song The Real Slim Shady came out and my aunt decided to change the lyrics for her whitest niece. (I was the only blonde hair and blue eyes baby in my family). She sung this to me in the hopes that I would finally stand up. I was a princess to say the least and didn’t really feel like standing up. My parents and family were all sure that I could, I just knew they would carry me anyways. Eventually I did walk. I took my first steps to my dad! (I’m kind of a Daddys girl)

I grew up with LOTS of family . . .

We Are Who We Are

    As a kid, I was very girly. I always loved dressing up, making my hair look pretty, and always wanting to be fabulous. Just like the girls I saw on magazines and T.V.  I would stand in front of the long, full length mirror that hung off the top of my bedroom door. Even as a young child, I knew it wasn’t normal to stare in a mirror for that amount of time. I would look at the tall, odd shape that reflected back at me. I would look at those gorgeous, perfect models that I remember seeing and I would tell myself, “I want to be JUST like her when I grow up.” Later did I realize, not everybody is made to look like a model.

            5th grade. That was the year it all started . . .

A True Individual

At first sight you may be tempted to think that I’m simple, or not very interesting, or maybe even “too much.” Some may say that I’m a “busy body,” or a “hand-full.” Others might think that my standards are “too high,” or that my taste is “too bland.”  But, that’s not what I say. I’m a short, blonde haired girl, with blue eyes, a big smile, and a bright spirit.   

            Life’s too short to be a boring person . . .

Actor Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Music

    I love thinking back to when I was little. Life was so free and there were no responsibilities. Never had anything to worry about. No school assignments. I look back and wish I still had to think about what I was going to do that day. Now being older I wish I had a lot more of those days. It feels like my life has be a non stop highway going a million miles an hour. Not knowing where I was going to go next.

               I was born up in Sandy Utah . . .

Way Too Funny for Words

     I have always been hyper and a social butterfly. The one who can make a game out of anything. One who is amazed by everything. But it is sort of easy when you have 5 brothers, sisters a dog and tons of extended family to practice with. I have tried many things.I have failed at many things also. I have also have had horrible things happen to me. A friend that has died. Brother with severe allergies, deep fears but, I don’t worry. Why worry when those things might happen to you any time of your life, and you may never know they did.

    When I was little I could make a game out of anything . . .

The Beginning

All eyes were on me. My heart was pumping so hard I thought it was going to burst. My palms were sweaty, my face was red and all I wanted to do was hide in a corner. It was like I was living in a nightmare. It was my turn to read out loud to the class. I gulped and stuttered the first sentence out, making many mistakes as I go. I was in third grade. I HATED reading. Fourth grade  I hated reading. fifth and sixth grade I thought that reading was boring. Seventh grade was when all of that changed. I am in 8th grade and I love reading.

        Only a few people know who I am.


The ball goes flying over my head and I quickly jump up and steal it away  from the other team.   I see a hand try to slap the ball away from me, but I dodge it quickly and keep running.   My feet hit the 3 point line and its finally the right moment. I stop, jump up, aim, and release the ball.  Somebody tries to block it, but they're too late. The ball goes sailing through the hoop.  Swish.  It’s in!

            You could say I’m like a basketball freak . . .

Happy With a Family

My life started out with a challenge. It started out a life with sickness, purple faces, and worry. As well as love, cherishment, and everything I would ever need in life.  I was born posterior, making it very hard to breath. The doctor handed me to my dad to start rubbing my tummy to help me breath. The pure shock of me all ready in his arms startled him for a moment, and then he was fine he started rubbing my soft delicate stomach. Nothing happened, I started turning colors, pink, red, violet. The doctor took me from my father and vigorously started rubbing circles on my stomach. My mom lay there in pain freaking out not knowing what happened, my aunt just outside screaming at everyone to get me to breath, and my dad standing there in surprise wondering what had just happened. The doctor got me breathing, everyone calmed down, and I got showered in hugs and kisses.

Soar Like the Eagle

        The sun was as bright as diamonds glistening in the sun as we went up the trail with my dad, cousins, uncle, and I. As I took a drink I was wondering how much longer it would take me on the journey that I started three years ago . . .

My Inspiration

        I started putting the letters together. The letters turned into words, and sooner or later the words formed sentences.  Then all the sentences turned into books. I fell in love with the books.  I think that the reason I love to read so much is the escape. The ability to escape all your problems for a while. The idea that only words on paper can take you to another world seems so insane, but its true. I always had my nose in a book. At every single meal I had a book. At times when I was supposed to being doing homework I had a book. Like I said, I read all the time. It actually came to the point when I kept getting my book taken away from my mother until I finished my chores. The book reading did get a little extreme. But I kept reading, and always will.

        My life was simple when I was young . . .

The Real Me

Some people think I am a girly girl, who loves pink, bling, glitter and sparkles, a girl who dresses to the heel everyday, and would much rather go shopping then getting a little dirty. But no, the real me is a get down dirty clogger, I tap my toe I put on a show and I wiggle it just a little bit.  I've been clogging for as long as I can remember.   My aunt owns and manages the studio so it makes it real fun.  But just recently I've lost a great friend on my team.  Her name was Courtney Osborn she was the funniest happiest girl on our team. Man classes aren't the same without her fun loving spirit.  I also dance at another studio called Life House.  I dance 3-4 days a week and I do Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, and Hip-Hop, so basicly all types of dance.  

Perception Hook Examples:

Intelligence: Knowing and Learning

The capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding. This is the dictionary definition of the word intelligence but what does it really mean to people? People don’t say intelligence is the capacity to learn etc. but they add life experiences from their life to make it the definition for themselves. A kenpo master named Ed Parker once said that “The intelligent man is one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments and yet is willing to learn more.”  This quote states that intelligence is always being learned from accomplishments to fails.