Persuasion Essay Examples

Writing in Yellow

Gay marriage should be allowed in the State of Utah because we are restraining the choices people make, there’s no good reason to support it being illegal, and we should not let people tell us what is right and what is wrong.

Romeo and Juliet, a classic tragedy. Two people desperately in love, but held apart by their parents because they don’t agree with their kid’s choices. This is a perfect example of the story we are writing with gay marriage. We are letting society hold two people apart just because it disagrees with them. We only look at the picture society paints to be right; we don’t look to others opinions. We ignore people who choose to be different, who choose to love different because we disagree. We are not listening to what these couples have to say, we are only listening to what society has to say. We are letting it tell us what we should and shouldn’t agree with.

We are called America the Land of the Free. But, when we put restraints on who people can and can’t marry are we really being free?People think that marriage should be between a man and a woman but are we going to chop down these people’s love just because they aren’t the typical love story? When we pair up trees and say that two are supposed to fall towards each other, most do because we usher them one way and guide them where we want them to go.  So, when two trees lean the opposite way do we chop them both down? Do we restrain them from going where they want? I don’t think that is freedom.

In this time we’ve grown up leaning on society to tell us what we can and can’t do. We don’t choose for ourselves, we follow what everyone else thinks. We only look at the picture society paints to be right, we don’t look to others opinions. Society paints in black so when we see a picture, all we see is black. We don’t look at the fact some people want to paint in yellow, we just hand them more black. So when some people chose to be gay, we pushed them down. Not accepting what they thought because what everyone else thought was more important. Why can’t we let people live their lives without being pushed to do something they don’t want? When someone chooses gay marriage, we aren’t choosing it, they are. So, why do people think they have a right to speak about something they aren’t a part of? They speak and decide for these couples, without asking what these couples choose. They are telling us what is wrong and what is right just by looking through their perspective.

Many people argue that gay couples can’t have kids so, it’s not right. Which is a valid point, they can’t have kids. They can’t build the earth up more. They can’t bring more children to the earth but, many gay couples adopt kids. Shouldn’t we worry more about the kids who are in need, than the kids that aren’t born?

In summary, gay marriage should be allowed. There is no actual argumentative reason to why it should still be illegal. People give reasons, but most of them are just opinions in disguise. These opinions are what society thinks and what we as people begin to follow. In the end, I want everyone to ask themselves if they are going to let society rule them and tell them what they need to believe. Or if they are going to decide to  listen to these people who want to write in yellow, and let them paint the picture they want they want.