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Book Projects

Book Projects

Term 1 Project due ?

Term 2 Project due ?

Term 3 Project due ?

Term 4 Project due ?

My desire is that you read broadly as well as deeply. I want you to make connections with books—and to share what you have experienced and learned with other students.

·       4 different projects—can only do one project one time
·       All projects must be turned in before or by the due date
·       50 Points—must be on time; can not be made-up!!!
·       Book must be read within the required time span
·       If typed, must be 12-point, double spaced, Times Roman font
·       Presentation/Appearance matters
·       Be prepared to share (if time permits)
·       Be creative

Choose a project from the list below, or come up with your own (but then it must be approved by me first).

1.    Create a chronological timeline of important events (minimum of 10, oversized paper, illustrated).

2.    Write a Free Verse poem using a particularly poignant passage from the book. Leave out words, skip, rearrange, create new meaning, start from scratch. Figurative language (similes, metaphors, alliteration, rhyme, personification) all work extremely well in poetry. Must have a title and be nicely presented on construction paper or poster board.

3.    Dramatize a 2-3 minute scene from the book.  Use props. You might want to get other students to play parts. Practice! This must be well-presented so that we get some insight into the storyline.

4.    Acting as an editor,  design the front page of a newspaper. Create a name and layout design, including external text features such as headlines, subheads, pictures, illustrations, graphs, teasers, etc. Your stories should feature events from the book.

5.    Research the author of the book and create an information poster on oversized paper. Answers questions such as Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.

6.    Write a letter to a character in the book that you admire, or that you despise. Keep it appropriate and creative. Use figurative language. Should be a minimum of one page with correct formatting, complete with features such as a greeting, salutation, complete sentences, indentations, paragraphs, etc.

7.    Create a scrapbook page or a memory box for one of the characters in the book. Be true to the character.

8.    Create a map of the setting of the book. Draw buildings and geographic elements. Illustrate what happens in various locations. Remember to include season and time frame.

9.    Do a character analysis. Identify three issues in the world today (i.e. the war in Iraq, pollution, the bad economy, crime, or any ethical dilemma, etc.) and explore how you think a character from your book would feel about, or react to, them.

10.Write a book review. To do this competently, you need to read some reviews first. Should be approximately one page.