#4 Review Sample

2012-2013 Student Review Examples (made a special exception in 2013 allowing the new movie "Les Miserables," to count as the subject of a critical review):

A Captivating Film

Les Miserables. A story of passion, love, tragedy, and choices. Originally a book written by Claude-Michel Schönberg, the story was turned into a Broadway musical in 1980. This year, the world famous music and plot were put into a major motion picture, capturing audiences everywhere. The movie was captivating from the very first scene and kept those watching on their feet, ready for more.

The story takes place in Paris, during the period of Restoration in the 1800s. Paris is falling apart after the French Revolution, and a king once again rules over them. Jean Valjean has been a prisoner for the past 19 years after stealing a loaf of bread. On parole and desperate for a job, Valjean finds himself staying with a merciful priest who gives him two silver candlesticks after making him promise to become an honest man. Eight years later, and now a well off businessman, Valjean meets a woman whom he promises as she dies, that he will raise her daughter (Cosette) as his own. With Cosette now his and a policeman on his tail for breaking parole, Valjean will learn the values of life and what is truly important.

What a thrilling movie! When a musical is turned into a movie it is often cheesy. But the way the director and producers made this, is anything but! Usually when watching a movie, the songs are dreaded and slept through, but in Les Miserables the songs are enjoyed and looked forward to. The cast and voices were phenomenal. The costumes and set were so realistic and the make-up made the characters look like they really were living in the 1800s. I would give the movie a five out of five stars. I was captivated from beginning to end.
Whether looking for something to catch a short attention span or a story that will inspire, Les Miserables would be a great choice. Be prepared with a box of tissues for the tears that will most definitely be shed, as the beautifully tragic story of Les Miserables unfolds before your eyes.