#5 Review Sample

A Sensational Seussical Musical

The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, the Grinch, Jojo, small people, and the Whos hit the Payson High School stage November 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th with song, dance, and drama. Director Dane Allred combines different Dr. Seuss stories to create one exciting adventure. The story focuses on Horton the elephant, trying to save small Whoville, with many difficulties along the way.

When Horton the Elephant discovers a speck on a clover, he believes there are tiny people on the speck and is determined to save them. Horton goes through many trials in order to save them. All of the animals in the jungle of Nool are determined Horton is crazy and has no idea what he is talking about. Along the way Horton loses the clover. Unsure about what to do, Horton searches. When the bird Maysie sees Horton, she convinces him to sit on her egg while she takes a “short” vacation. Horton is determined to find the clover after Maysie’s not so short return, but will he?

Music Director, Marilyn Morgan did a fantastic job filling this musical with many catchy, tap your feet songs that make you want to stand up and dance. Such as, Oh the things you can think, Alone in the Universe, The one feather tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz, How lucky you are, Havin’ a hunch, and many more! Brandon Peterson, Jamie Finch, and Carlie Beckert especially, take the spotlight with their amazing vocal talent and facial expressions. The three are especially great actors, Brandon Peterson playing the Cat in the Hat, Jamie Finch playing Maysie, and Carlie Beckert playing Gertrude McFuzz, the one tailed bird who has a place in her heart for Horton and expresses it in many different songs.

Costumes in the play consisted of many different things including zebra print, monkey ears, yellow dresses, and even leather jackets for the monkeying around Wickersham Brothers. Some costumes were more eye catching than other, including long tail feathers, fancy dresses, and sequined shawls. Lighting was changed depending on the mood of the song or part of the story. Wickersham Brother, Ezra Puefua showed especially entertaining dance skills. Ezra’s dancing kept me smiling and wishing that I could dance like that! Of course I am sure he is unbeatable.

There were also many eye catching props in this musical. In some dances fish would be held high. In others, giant eyes would look left and right constantly. Also there were giant blocks with letters on them set up on the stage, like the ones from your childhood! The clover which the speck was settled on was also very colorful. Some scenes consisted of a backdrop of colorful, striped, trees, looking exactly like the ones we all remember from all of the Dr. Seuss story books.

I really enjoyed this musical and recommend it for all ages, young or old. There were many hidden jokes in the script that kept you laughing, as well as entertaining songs and dances. I would rate this musical five stars! All of the actors showed character and played their part above and beyond what was expected. All of the characters tapped into your imagination to paint an exciting picture. Remember, oh the things you can think!