#1 Review Sample

Single Spotlight

A single spotlight shines on the stage, while the rest of it is dark. As each name is called a new contestant stands in the light. Some begin slowly, whispering the words and feelings they’ve practiced so many times. Others begin with shouting, yelling to get their point across. Some speak of feelings, some tell stories, some talk about bullying, while others just say nothing. This is the District Poetry Slam.

The District Poetry Slam was held at Salem Hills High, on Tuesday May 7. At the beginning one of the main producers of the Slam got up and introduced himself and what the poetry slam was about. Then they started slamming. Each Slammer had a specific place to be, they were lined up in alphabetical order. Each contestant got up with shaking hands and told their name, their poems name, and if it was original. Then they would start.

It was an amazing experience to go and see all of the poems spoken. Some were stories about dragon fighting and mystical lands. Others were to get a point across, to stop world problems. Others were just poems, about things that didn’t matter, or that only mattered to the writer. Either way each of them was special and unique, they all told stories without directly telling it. They would use similes, metaphors, all of the different parts of writing to create things that weren’t writing. I didn’t feel like I was listening to something someone had written, rather I was listening to someone tell what they were feeling. You could tell what some of the Slammers were going through by what they talked about. Some of them were very passionate about what they Slammed. They got into what they were saying, not messing up a word or stumbling they would shout about what they were saying trying to get their point across. Whatever they did each one of them was memorable.

This event was wonderful. It was way fun to go and to see everyone slam their poems. I would give this event a five out of five stars. One of the reason I would recommend this event is because I love poetry. I love listening to what people have to say and what they have written. I thought it was very nicely put on and was very organized. When the judges were making decisions of the winners, they were so organized they took almost no time at all. In the end I would definitely recommend this event to anyone who loves poetry as much as a I do.