#2 Review Sample

Tennessee Boys Steal Homecoming Show

By Leanne Hoffmann
Herald Staff Writer

Although Brigham Young University's Spectacular started off with some technical difficulties--including WKRP's Gordon Jump getting "hung-up," and a soundless openingn number by The Lamanite Generation's Val Sikahema--the Homecoming variety show was an action-packed night of entertainment. 

Masetr of Ceremonies, Gordon Jump greeted the audience with a natural warmth which carried through the entire event. KSL's Mark Van Wagoner later joined Jump, and the duo emcee delighted the crowd. 

But it was the Tennessee River Boys from Opryland USA who energized the show after intermission, and kept the audience excited and involved.

The group of talented country singers, featuring ex-BYU husband and wife team, Dan Truman on the piano and Wendee Truman for a vocal number, endeared themselves to the spectators with great timing, harmony, humor, and musical talent. 

Debbie Wolfe, Mrs. America 1984, also charmed the audience,not only with her big blue eyes, coal balck hair and beautiful voice--but by appearing five months pregnant. 

With a theme of "Going for It," the Spectacular featured other ex-BYU students who have made it big, in addition...