#6 Sample Review

United (title needs work)

It is the early 1860s and The United States is at war with itself. Brothers are fighting each other and the country is at risk of losing half of the population. Many lives are lost and all hope is lost for the country. Hale Center Theater depicts the life changing history of this time period in The Civil War. (needs dates and times of production)

The Civil War paints the story of both the Confederate and Union armies. Both armies are determined and brave soldiers that are fighting for their beliefs. It also follows the story of a group of slaves that are sold to different plantations. This is a powerful story about the people that wrote our country’s history and made The United States what it is today.

The music is absolutely incredible! The harmonies along with the voices of the cast are outstanding and it produces a breathtaking experience. The words are both inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. The impact of the music leaves the audience in awe. The energy and excitement from the cast transfers to the audience immediately and creates a powerful feeling of determination, courage and amazement. The music is catchy and energizes the audience. It is impossible to sleep through this play because the music enraptures the audience.

The dresses are gorgeous and the mens’ costumes are very believable. The cast looks like they walked right out of a history book of the Civil War. Because the costumes and makeup are very well done, it enhances the professionalism of this play. The slaves’ costumes depicted the slaves during that time period perfectly. Their accents and mannerisms also match that of the slaves in the 1860s.  The Civil War is a perfect representation of the war that both tore apart and united our country.

The cast captures the audience from the very beginning and strings them along until the very last note. The choreography in The Civil War is stunning. It isn't possible to get bored during this production because the actors convey so much energy and excitement that it is contagious.

    The Civil War is a must see. The message and moral of this story is powerful and leaves the audience in wonder and amazement. The entire production captures the attention of the audience and should not be missed. All ages will enjoy this play and come away with a deeper understanding of this important event in history. Don’t miss out on this incredible play that teaches about the importance of unity in our country.