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Honors Contract

PJHS 8th Grade Honors English Contract

Student___________________________  7th Grade Teacher____________________

Honors English classes cover the same material regular classes, with the possibility of extra material, additional assignments, and more in-class discussion. Because the classes must move at a faster pace, Honor Students are held to an high standard of behavior in the areas of responsibility, accountability, attitude, respect, and focus. Please be aware Honors English requires more time and effort.


To qualify for Honors English at Payson Jr. High you need to meet the criteria listed below. Please initial the requirements that you meet:

_____An overall GPA of 3.0 or above

_____Maintain a grade of an A or B each term in English the preceding year

_____A DRP score that indicates you read at or above grade level; have 3 or 4 on the CRT

_____Excellent in-class behavior, positive attitude, and the ability and desire to take responsibility for your own work and resolve your own problems

In Honors English you need to MAINTAIN the above criteria and complete the following requirements during the Honors school year:

  • Read 1,500 pages or more each term for independent reading

  • Participate in, and complete, the PJHS 40 Book Club

  • Attend an outside pre-approved event (play or musical at HS level or above) 1st and 3rd Term

  • Complete and present a year-long Honors project as outlined in class

  • Have access to a computer and printer

  • Consistently turn quality work on time

You agree that you understand academic/behavior requirements and that you do not need adult intervention in order to stay on task, keep track of assignments, turn work in on time, resolve problems, or act appropriately in class.  If you do not meet the above requirements, you understand you are  in  Honors English on a probationary (term-by-term)  basis.

Student Signature:________________________

Parent Signature:________________________

Parents:  Your signature indicates you believe your student meets current requirements for Honors English, and are willing to provide him/her with the means and support to meet the requirements listed above. A copy of this form can be found on my website, URL