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2014-2015 End-of-Year Identity Portfolio

Requirements Checklist

Due Friday, May 15, 2015

Your End-of-year Identity Portfolio is for YOU--something to represent who you are as an 8th Grader at PJHS during the year 2014-2015.

It should be creative, interesting, neat, complete.

A quality product that shows you put thought and effort into it.

The objective of the portfolio is to 1) review some of the things we have learned and talked about this year, 2) to encourage you to keep ALL your work, 3) to reflect on what you think, and 4) where you want to go academically and personally in the future.

All papers and added text should be edited to grade level writing.  Please include the following items (much of which you already have!) in order:

This checklist in the very front of the portfolio.

____No loose papers.

A creative, neat, artistic binder cover representing YOU.

____A creative/artistic title page. It must include, the information found in the MLA format--though not the format itself.

____Reflection pages at the beginning of each section behind the divider (at least 5). Each reflection page is a combination of narrative and expository prose. It is a 3-part (minimum 3 paragraphs that should include a topic sentence and a concluding thought (beginning, middle, end) where you answer the following questions the best you can (do NOT repeat the questions in your reflection):

  • What:  What does this section represent (what is it)? What have you learned?

  • So What:  Why have we learned about and practiced this skill/topic? Why is it valuable. What does it now mean to you?

  • Now What:  What else do you want to learn about this?  What are your goals? How will you apply what we have learned in your life and in your schoolwork? What do you want to continue learning about?

Important: You lose points for turning in a portfolio that:

Doesn't have a cover

Is unfinished

Is Unorganized

Sloppily slapped together

Looks like you didn't put any effort into it

Binder is falling apart, in bad condition, not mended, etc.

Has unfiled papers, or papers filed in the wrong section.

Is missing vital elements (cover, titled page, identified sections, reflections, writing samples, etc.)

Does not cross over into the artistic, creative realm (this is a cross-curriculum assignment)

Does not include a checklist/rubric that has been filled out

A)  Identity Section

1____Creative divider with tab. Artist/creative, symbolic of section content

2____Reflection Page (see above): What? (what is identity?) So What? (why is it important?) Now What? (who do you want to be?)

3____A picture of yourself in the front of the Identity Section

4____Identity Collage (pictures symbolizing your life, family, likes, dislikes, ideas, hopes, etc.)

5____New/interesting/cultural words (slang, dialect, unusual grammatical phrases). You need to research these--be appropriate; know what they mean)

6____Multiple Intelligence Survey (in-class)

7____A paragraph to a page on who you are, your likes, dislikes, passions, character traits, ethics, beliefs, values, etc. Can be combined with Reflection Page.

8____One page about what you want to do as a profession. Pull ideas from Career Day. What college, training, do you want/need? Use art, interviews, etc.

9____Write-up on your family--pictures if possible; family traditions including holidays, cultural, food, expectations, relatives, pets, fun times, etc.

10____Write-up on your friends--pictures if possible (who they are; why they are you friends, etc.)

11____One-Page Genealogy Pedigree including 4 generations if possible. Dates of the first three generations is not mandatory.

12____30 Hour Project Rubric, Proposal, Time Log

13____List of YOUR character traits

14____Getting to Know You Worksheet



B) Lexicon Section (“new” words, present artistically)

1____Creative divider with tab. Artist/creative, symbolic of section content:

2____Reflection: What? So What? Now What?

4____Prefixes/Suffixes (in notes)*

5____Commonly Confused Words (in notes)*

6____Figurative Devices list and definitions (in notes); examples of figures of speech (in notes)

7____Worksheets (puns, symbols, metaphors, etc.)*

8____8 parts of Speech, definitions, and Examples (self-teaching: you need to research these)

9____ Notes


*Not a requirement unless done in class


C) Reading Section

1____Creative divider with tab. Artist/creative, symbolic of section content.

2____Reflection:What have you learned? So What? Now What?

3____Reading Interest Analyzer Worksheet

4____Books I Want to Read Worksheet

5____List of 40 Books for the 40 Book Club (on your Disclosure and Term Logs).

6____DRP/SAGE Scores

7____4 Term Reading Logs--most recent on top: 4th Term, 3, 2, 1

8____Favorite authors (genres, books, pictures, what you’ve read, etc.)

9____Mansion Close Reading Drawing

10____Flowers for Algernon Summative Assessment*

11____Watsons Go to Birmingham collage/paragraph (in-class previous assignment)

12____ Plot Graphs*

13____Worksheets* (Symbolism in The Watsons, Watsons Film Log, etc.)


*Not a requirement unless done in class.


D)  Writing Section

1____Creative divider with tab. Artist/creative, symbolic of section content.

2____Reflection: What have you learned? So What? Now What?)

3____All essays (print from Google Drive) written for class assignments, attention-grabbing appropriate title, corrected to grade level (complete sentences, correct punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc.)

4____ Nightjohn Character Narrative

5____ Adjective Explanatory Essay with Figurative

6____ The Cheat Alternative Ending Narrative Essay

7____ Cheating Argument Essay

8____ Civil Rights Historical Exposition Power Point*

9____Civil Rights Explanatory Essay

10____ Segregation Argument Essay (Watsons)*

11____ Worksheets

12____ Notes

13____2 Critics’ Corners, revised, edited, with titles**


*Not a requirement unless done in class.

**Honors English

E) Poetry Section

Includes a minimum of 5-10 original poems; 5-10 "scavenger" poems.

1____Creative divider with tab. Artist/creative, symbolic of section content:

2____Reflection: What? So What? Now What?

3____Copy of poem you slammed in the Poetry Slam

4____Copy of two peer original poem

5____3 imitation poems (Red Wheelbarrow, This is Just to Say, The Eagle, This Is Just to Say, To The Old Woman, etc.)

6____1 original concrete poem

7____1 poem you find inspirational

8____1 love poem--scavenger

9____1 ballad--scavenger

10____1 Haiku--scavenger

11____1 Sonnet--scavenger

12____1 humorous--scavenger

13____Other poems that you like, love, or find interesting

F) Miscellaneous Notes, Etc. Section--Optional