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To me education is a leading out of

what is already there in the pupil's soul.

                   --Muriel Sparks, Scottish novelist

Teaching Analogy

How do I arrange it so that every time I walk into a room someone says "Captain on the bridge"?--Shannon Hale, Facebook, 6/8/2013 

Fav line from Star Trek: "Bones, what are you doing with that tribble?" ditto

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9/6 first

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The Value of English

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I'm in the process of creating this webpage to share information, outline units, and combine resources into one central location. In addition to the Common Core, my curriculum reflects the things I value such as respect, moral integrity, common humanity, responsible living, laughter--and a love of learning. 

Periodically I will post assignments, but not all will be online. Since this is a work in progress, there are many things on this website that will change.  If you want to pin down class expectations, refer to my disclosure (top of the menu). The page does not replace our face-to-face contact! Please ask me if you have questions. 

My Den is open specifically to my students and any other PJHS Grizzlies who want to review, browse, or rejuvenate. My aim is to create a  site that is a combination of literary resource, and respite.

How did English Evolve?

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France Pushes Common English Term Out Of French Lexicon

January 26, 2013 8:00 AM


This week, the French government, which charges the Academie Francaise with keeping French free from corruptions by what they call the language of Shakespeare - that's us - announced a new phrase to replace the English hashtag with mot-diese. Mot means word in French and diese is the typesetting symbol that used to be used to indicate the number or a musical sharp before it was so widely dubbed hashtag, and used to group messages on social media.

The French are not laissez-faire about French. They don't talk about enriching their language with the world's diversity. In fact, the group called The Future of the French Language has declared the drift of English into everyday language in France, words like blog, email, or hamburger are more serious threat to French identity than the Nazi occupation of World War II.

Isn't that a line from "Casablanca"? I'm shocked, shocked to hear English spoken in here. By the way, put this under hashtag mot-diese.

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Favorite Music Clips April 2013









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The making of Peponi


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