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8th--Term 2

I CAN--Argument Essay (Department Level)
  1. I CAN identify a claim in Argument and Persuasion Essays. 
  2. I CAN identify evidence that supports a claim. 
  3. I CAN identify a counter-claim/counter-argument. 
  4. I CAN Identify a conclusion that supports a claim. 
I CAN--Persuasion Essay (Class specific)
  1. I CAN write a thesis statement in one sentence that includes a claim with three reasons that support my thesis. 
  2. I CAN write a six-part formatted persuasion essay that includes an introduction and thesis; three reasons, three body paragraphs that support the three reasons with three evidences each; a counter-claim, and a conclusion. 
  3. I CAN write a fully developed, logical counter-claim.
  4. I CAN write a conclusion that includes analysis, answers the question "SO WHAT?" and ends on a conclusive note. 
  5. I CAN draft, revise and edit an essay to reach the minimum requirement of grade level conventions and grammar (in a formal essay). 
  6. I CAN write a formal essay avoiding the pronoun "you." 

I CAN--Compare/Contrast Essay (Class Specific)
  1. I CAN gather information on a graphic organizer (Venn Diagram) to use in a well-written, fully-developed formal essay. 
  2. I CAN read literature and compare it to media in order to identify similarities and differences. I can express my opinion on the two mediums using specific details.