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9th--Term 3

I CAN--Research Unit (Department Specific)
I CAN gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively, can assess the credibility and accuracy of each source; quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism, and follow a standard format for citation
I CAN quote and paraphrase information from sources without plagiarizing words or ideas.
I CAN correctly cite sources in written text and/or at the end of a formal essay. 

I CAN--Research Unit (Class Specific)
I CAN listen to a direct teaching lecture (oral lesson with visual aids), take notes in my own words, 
and use them for reference for an assignment or quiz. 
I CAN answer questions in a full sentence format:

Research Lexicon Open-Note Quiz (1)
#1 Explain the difference between a Persuasion and Argument Essay (according to how it was explained in class).
#2 Explain the difference between fact and opinion.
#3 Define the commonly confused words, sight, site, and cite.
#4 Define source. Give an example.
#5 Define primary source. Give an example.
#6 Define secondary source. Give an example.
#7 Define the three (Greek) rhetorical devices that we use in Persuasion and Argument essays:
        a) ethos--
        b) pathos--
        c) logos--
#8 What is qualitative research?
#9 What is quantitative research?
#10 Define the term "empirical.

Research Lexicon Open-Note Quiz (2)
#1 Define the rhetorical device "logos." Give an everyday example of it.
#2 Define the rhetorical device "pathos." Give a contemporary example.
#3 Define the rhetorical device "ethos." Give an example.
#4 Define biasExplain where bias originates.
#5 Define hegemony
#6 Identify the three main things that often have the most profound impact on our perspective.
#7 Define attribution. Give an example of an "attributive tag." 
#8 What is a quote, and how do you punctuate a direct quote? Is a quote different from a quotation? 
#9 Explain the difference between credible and accurate.
#10 Explain the difference between valid and reliable.

Research Lexicon Open-Note Quiz (3)
#1 What is qualitative research?
#2 What is quantitative research? 
#3 Explain the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing
#4 What is plagiarism?
#5 What is an in-text citation?