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Humorous Poetry


The fish in our aquarium

are looking rather ill,
and most of them are turning
kind of green around the gills.

I might have gave them too much food,
forgot to clean their tank,
or maybe they’re allergic to
the toys and junk I sank.

Perhaps I broke the thermostat.
I could have cut the air.
What’s certain is they’re sickly
from my downright lack of care.

But even though they’re looking ill
I still have cause to gloat;
they’re obviously talented--
they’re learning how to float!
Eyeballs for Sale

Eyeballs for sale!

fresh eyeballs for sale!

Delicious, nutritious,

not moldy or stale.

eyeballs for manticores

ogres, and elves

fierce dragon eyeballs

that cook by themselves

eyeballs served cold!

eyeballs served hot!

if you like eyeballs

then this is the spot.

ladle a glassful,

a bowlful, or pail-

Eyeballs! fresh eyeballs!

Fresh eyeballs for sale!