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Analyzing Original Poetry

Hannah J.

searching faces
I see you.
A kaleidoscope of surfaces
pulling me in.
Hot sweetness reaching out.

Translucent promises
dance in magic symbols
black on white
racking up soundless images
skittering across space
morphing into colors and light
abstract jitterbugs
piroting pleasures.

Your smile nesting deep.
Laughter bouncing off my ribs
into the empty room.

Your heartbeat
miles away
an echo under my skin,
uneven rhythm;
a tenuous connecting continuum.

Abruptly broken.

A soundless hum
A fading vibration
A disintegrating vapor
A receding imprint
A shadow
A something
destructed by will.
Remnants blend like chameleons
the intricate designs of
a future unwitnessed.


I inhale,
searching for air
watching the wind
outline the shifting
lime-green spring.
A framed moment.

torn tennis shoes
scuffed, still
Exorcising possibilities,
passion resting
seeking relief
I abandon the dead box.

Breaking A w a y

Occupying an empty room awkwardly

Moving so my back is toward me

Almost as if physicality is new

and I haven't quite got the hang of it. 

Feeling for the angle that will let me rest. 

Transversing the liminality between possibility and white noise

Willing every heart breath out. No quarter. 

Leaning in to torn space

in the impulse of running

Here for you

By. Angie S

How do you feel

I need to know if you will

I'll be your friend

from start to end

I'll listen to you

Yeah you know it’s true

I'll always be there for you

I'm here for you.  

Forgive or Forget

By Angie S

Forgive or forget

i don't know what I want to do yet

my heart says forgive

my head says forget

should be here with you?

don't know what I want to do

I don't
oh why don't I know


By. Angie S

From brown to green

from fall to spring

the fallen leaves come back so green

the trees escape from winter’s break

with beauty for all to see


By: Codie L and Angie S

When will I forget

Where he has gone

And quit longing for him

His soft touch

His warm eyes

Gone forever from my mind...

The thoughts may come in a flash

To be forgotten

nothing but the past

I want the hurt to go so bad

but with the thought of him it stays

Nothing will erase

Gone forever

lost forever

never to return

The thoughts may come

the hurt will follow

Whichever way I turn

It will never be forgotten

The pain you left

when leaving

you will always be unforgotten to me

A Trail of Tears

By: Angie S

Shallow eyes,

Forgotten tears

Forced to leave our home so dear

bargained to pay our dues

and keep the peace we shared.

But  when the time of peace had passed,

You decided to take our home at last.   

We did as you pleased,

yet we ceased

To do as you had done

to act like you

And do as you do was just not enough for you.  

You force us to leave our home so dear

And made us walk a Trail of Tears.

Here We Go Again

By Angie S

Here we go again

never forgetting friends

side by side until the end

Our personalities alike

inside our hearts the same

Our hearts and minds will never be tame

We’ll never go back,

the way we came  

our friendship will always stay the same.  

The Crazy Trio

by Angie S and Codie L

Harry potter and wattpad fun

Crazier than a summer sun

This trio is never done

As friends we’ll be forever

hearts so bold

We’ll never put another in the cold

Casa, Abby and Coco


By Angie Sorenson

You always had a heart so bold

Never left anyone alone in the cold

If you age and do get old

your heart will never change

And if by chance you do get old

your heart will always stay so bold


By Angie S and Codie L

Our childhood was a blast

sadly being forgotten in the past

not knowing it wouldn't last

We wish we could turn around

To have fun

dig in the ground

but age is going by too fast

 maturity has come at last

we’ll say goodbye to our dolls, toys, and childhood fun.

Hello to makeup, cellphones, and work to be done

Our childhood lost in a swirl

We’ll go to school

to gain more knowledge

But everyone knows all too well

that our childhood fun will be always be there

In our hearts and minds as well

And always there it will dwell.


By Angie S

A mix of colors

various kinds

appear amazingly bright   

everything so colorful

A swarm of light

everything mixed

All different colors

you try to pick

all are alike on this magical trip

If you find a color and well you click

only then I bet you could pick,

look at all the color that stretch miles long

humming and singing a cute little song,

dancing and prancing observing them all

going to mountains tall

and valleys small,

just wanting to look and define each one

see what they do in their spare time for fun

if they sit there and lay

or bask in the sun all day

see if they are lost and finding their way

maybe this is what you can do on a nice summers day

maybe a swarm of colors

all different kinds

can take you to a world where everything’s fine.  

Us Three

By Angie S

Its just us three

her, you, and me

enjoying our time together and free

being ourselves the best thing to be

hanging and laughing high up in a tree

acting like monkeys we wish we could be

just us our amazing group of three.  


By Angie S

Shattered heart

forgotten tear

forget the one you loved so dear

They may return with sorrowed eyes

but you may choose to say your goodbyes

if you do you shall know your love was never really true

Be You

By Angie S

Be yourself

thats all I ask

for you to be you

that’s what I wish you could do

I hope it’s not too much to ask

to have the old you back

look what it's taken to do what you’ve done

You’ve lost your best friend

trying to become like them

this is your final trial

to see if you can still be you

Which is the best there is to be.  


By Angie S

What is this fun?

how would you define it?

what do you think needs to be done ?

is it to do what you like?

maybe riding a bike?

is it hanging round?

perhaps upside down?

Or is it just being you that causes this fun

laughing and joking and goofing around.

Is that what fun is, in this strange little town?

Could you please help me with this fun?

I want to know how it is done.

Grow Up

By Angie S

I wish I could grow up

and just be me

I wish I could grow up

and be who I want to be

I wish I could grow up

and just be free

I wish I could grow up

And see everything from sea to shining sea

I will grow up

one day you’ll see

I will grow up

and be who I wanna be

I will grow up

and I will be me

I will grow up

and I will be free

I will grow up

Just you wait and see

I will grow up

and one day you’ll wish you were just like me


By Angie S

Everyone wants to “Party it up”

But no not me. I just want to live and grow up

While everyone is all “Hey what’s up?”

I’ll be inside studying so I can grow up

I hope you all have fun “Living it up”

Because when you get caught up in this rut

I’ll be grown up and actually living it up


By Angie Sorenson

When we were young it was awesome to be able follow the leader

Even now people still try

Only some wish to be the leader

To break away and be themselves

But some are too afraid

They think that they can’t be themselves or they will be hated

No one has pushed them to try

They need to learn to quit playing follow the leader

And be the leader of their own life

And quit the following

It may have been good to once follow the leader

But now it’s time to be the leader and stop the following

Be You

By Angie S

Be you

be free

don't try be me

have fun

go run

don’t do something dumb

go skip

go jump

don’t be such a grump

sail sea to sea

see everything between

don’t sit and be mean

have fun

be you

just try something new

because I know this isn’t the real you


By Angie S

I’m me  

not you

i don’t like what you do

I’ll have fun

be me

maybe sit in a tree

But that’s up to me

maybe you should try to be free

just be loose

have fun

try to be you

the you that everyone once knew

I Want

By Angie S

You want me to be like you

You want to love for what you make me do

You want you to have fun

You want this life to be good

You want everything to be your way

But that’s not gonna work for me

I want to  be me

I want to be loved for me

I want to be free

I want to see everything there is to see

That may not work for you

But that’s what I want and it works for me

One Day

By Angie S

One day

I’ll be me

One day

I’ll be free

One day

I’ll share all the thoughts and wonders inside of me

One day

I’ll show the world the real me

Live life your way

By Angie S

Live life your way

Don’t listen to what others say

Be who you want to be

Just be free

to be you and not me

I want to see the you that you wish to be

So live your life as free as you can be


By Angie S (with help for C.S. L)

Maybe you love to sing

but don’t because you were told you are no good

Maybe you love to dance

but someone disapproved

Maybe you love to draw

but don’t because you were told no one would want to see it

Maybe you love to reach great heights  

but don’t because you were told you would fall

Well I’m here to tell you different

If you love to sing

take the world by storm!

If you love to dance

Take over the stage!

If you love to draw

become the next big thing!

If you love to reach great heights

reach with all you might!

Because you can do anything

just believe in you

Because I know for certain that I do

Look at you

By Angie S

Have you seen that look on your face?

The one with hate and such distaste?

Did you even notice it there in the first place?

What has filled you with these feelings?

That have changed you so much

I hope they can be erased

So I can see your beautiful face

Meet Again

By Angie S

I had to leave

Live my life the way it fit me

My life has been the way I wanted it to be

I wish I could only see

What you have come to be

I wonder if your wishing the same thing

To see where life has taken me

I really wish we could meet again   

And see the life we each are leading

Also the roads we chose to travel by

When we meet again


By Angie S.

I bet you wish you could take back what was said that night

Those feelings and emotions from just a stupid fight

Some things were said that just weren’t right

The thoughts of losing you fills me with fright

But nothing can be taken back from that one stupid night

And that one stupid fight

We can’t take back the wrongs and make them all right

If you could go back and relive that night

Would you take back the words of that fight

I would maybe try but it wouldn’t seem right

They needed to be said even if was the heat of the night

I guess sometimes all we need is one little fight

To not really fix things but make them alright


By Codie L.

Angie is my friend

a weirdweird being

that’s tall as a tree

and thin as twig

she may be weirdweird

but she is my friend

she’s made me into the monster

that I am.


By Codie L

Casa is my friend

she may be a little broken

but she’s still wonderful

she’s beautiful in her own special way

She may not see it now

But she will one day

she’s like my sister

and if she gets hurt

I’ll punch your face in and bury you in the dirt


By Angie S

If you could tell what would happen that night

Would you have said it in that fight

If you knew I would leave

Would you still put it out there

For everyone to hear

You had to of known I wouldn't stay near

More Than Just you

By Angie S

Would you take the joy I’ve found in life if it benefited you

If so, what else would you do?

Do you think everything's about you?

If you do sorry . . .  to be the one to break it to you

But not everything revolves around you

I hate to be the bearer of bad news

But someone really needs to tell you

It’s not all about you


By Angie S

No one knew what this life would be like

Sometimes everything seems right

But life decides to go “Hey psych”

Then nothing seems alright

Maybe something happens and you get in a fight

Then absolutely nothing seems right

But hey not everythings gunna go your way

So just remember you can make life what you want it to be like.  


By Angie S

Go ahead and throw your stones

None of them will break my bones

So just turn around and stick up your nose

There’s a saying most everybody knows

I think you may know how it goes

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But your words, they’ll never hurt me


By Angie S for Cascade R

Everyday I’d see your face

And know your arms were a loving place

I was in your heart, daddy’s little girl

Being with you was the best thing in the world

but one sad day everything changed

God chose to take you away

It’s been 8 years

Daddy look at me now

I’ve gotten bigger, grown up

I’m doing good in school, trying my best

Yet Mom is taking me for a new kind of test

The results I guess weren’t good

Because now I hear the dreaded news

That I may have what killed you

So Daddy I may see you soon

For All of You

by .Angie S

For all of you who did what no one thought to do this is for

For all of you who never had any idea what to do but helped in any way you could this is for you

For all of you who tried your hardest just to make a difference this is for you

For all of you who helped others find the right way to go this is for you

For all of you that found and shared the real you this is for you

For all of you that did everything to brighten someone's day or make the bully kid go away this is for you

For all of you who helped someone that would never help you this is for you

For all of you who are kind even when everyone else is mean to you this is for you

For all of you that have everything you had to offer this is for you

For all of you that put everyone else before yourself this is for you

This is for all of you because you all deserve a thank you


By Angie S

We shouldn’t be judged on how we look, standing up for ourselves, or reading a book

We shouldn’t even be judged at all

Why should it matter if someone is really tall or not tall at all

We shouldn’t be judged on our brand of clothes

Does it even matter if anyone knows?

There is one thing that really blows

that you would think everyone knows

We shouldn’t judge anyone

Just grow up, live, and have fun

I’m Only a Nerd

Inspired by Evan James Griffin

I’m only a nerd?

When I look into the mirror...

I’m rather cool…

The chess player of the year.

This tape on my glasses?

Is because I got into a fight.

When some kid,

Dissed Pokemon last night.

My pants aren’t high waters!

They’re male Capris.

The drug I take is benadryl,

For all my allergies.

And I don’t need a girlfriend,

Cuz’ they play hard to get.

But I do date a model,

Via the Internet.

Every time I watch Star Wars,

I shed a little tear

So like I said, I’m not a nerd

when I look into the mirror.


I am a whole.
you see me
A plethora of slivers,
that can be fondled
rummaged through
like a pile of discarded clothes?
Picking parts of me
leaving the rest



I have words piled around me

pulsing .
I want to let them go

skip them across the distance

but instead, more pile up

because when I pick up a few, or even one

it seems too heavy

I don't know if it will make it to you

so I put it back down.

I wanted you to see I was more than symbols stamped in time


I can't seem to find the place with you where I am completely whole.

Keeping my words in piles, or covered, protected, under my wings, 

weighs me down.

Waddling is uncomfortable and clumsy and unattractive and ducklike.

Sending these