Summary Assignment

A summary is a brief but comprehensive review that covers main points. Choose the best sentence to begin a summary of Flowers for Algernon (RL8.2):

a) I read Flowers for Algernon and it was interesting and sad at the same time.

b) In Flowers for Algernon, Charlie Gordon, an intellectually handicapped 37 year old, is chosen by two scientists to undergo an operation to raise his intelligence.

c) Charlie Gordon writes progress reports for Drs. Nemur and Strauss that record his intellectual growth and deterioration.

d) Charlie pits his intelligence against Algernon, a mouse, by seeing who can navigate the same maze the fastest.

Summarizing effectively requires identifying the MOST important events. Choose six events that would be the MOST effective and appropriate to use in a summary (RL8.2):

a) Before Charlie has the operation, Algernon, a lab mouse, undergoes the same operation and becomes much smarter.

b) Charlie’s dad was a drunk.

c) Algernon is motivated by cheese.

d) His last request in his progress notes is for the reader to put flowers on Algernon’s grave.

e) Nemur and Strauss fight a lot.

f) Charlie is confused by the battery of tests he is given.

g) Charlie’s IQ increases from 68 to 204 and in a frantic effort to maintain his new, high IQ, he h) begins his own research into the field of human intelligence.

I) Charlie’s dad promised to take him to see cows, but he often broke his promises.

J) Algernon’s behavior becomes erratic, he loses his new intelligence, and ultimately he dies.

K) Charlie’s experience mirrors Algernon’s, and after a few months, his IQ drops back down below average.

L) Miss Kinnian continues to teach at the night school

M) Charlie can no longer read German

N) Charlie doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him, so he moves to New York.

An effective conclusion includes reflection. Which sentence would be most effective as the conclusion of a summary paragraph of Flowers for Algernon(RL8.2)?

On an attached sheet of lined notebook paper, using the summary answers above as inspiration (but without plagiarizing), write an eight sentence summary, in chronological order, that includes an opening sentence. six events, and a concluding sentence (RL8.2):