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Voice Exemplars


I can’t believe like Jake got Suspended for like cheating. That is like so like hot. “But earlier? You said? He was? Like ugly and like barf?” Ashley said to me. “Doesn’t mean i like can say it was like hot how he took a blame for like something that he did and someone was like covering for like him.” I said. Ashley just nodded. She looked kind of mad, but oh well.


He broke our deal! he gave everybody a sluff that was in on the boycott! that little liar! I march into his office and demand he remove them. he refused and explained to me…”Everybody cheats sometimes.” with a smug look on his face like he just killed a person. He has my mother come and pick me up for the start of my two day suspension and i am furious.


I couldn't believe that my best friend left the school for me then got the whole school started on a boycott FOR ME! This morning most of the students who were told about the boycott showed up at the school’s front door. Some students even had signs and some just showed up because there was nothing better to do. Katie told me all about it, the kids were chanting little phrases at the Principal who was watching from the window. When the bell rang no one went to class they just stood there waiting. The boycott lasted for about half an hour but the principal wanted everyone to go to class. No one who participated in the boycott got in trouble, I was called and told that my suspension was over with so I was able to go back to school. My Mom drove me to the school where I saw all the kids walking into the building. I saw Katie and  ran over to her.

“Katie!” I yelled to her. She turned around and came towards me.

When Katie told me what happened at the boycott I wrote a poem about it.

The Boycott

   I was the center of the boycott

I was the one for whom the war was fought

We used answers that were for us not

We were the ones who were caught

For a tattle could freedom be bought

But Friendship was what I sought

My friendship gained my lesson taught

I will never again have a cheating thought

Mr. Chen

I woke up got ready, went downstairs, ate my lucky charm cereal, got in the car and then started off to the school.  I jumped with surprise when I got a first glimpse of the school, it seemed like every kid that went to my school was out in the parking lot in front of the school, holding up crazy signs that didn’t even make sense.  When I finally parked my car all the kids swarmed around it, throwing trash, apples, rocks and all sorts of stuff.

When I finally got out I could barely move.  I felt like I was suffocating.  Then I finally had enough, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Stop it right now!  Dont make me get all of your names and call your parents about this!”

But they didn’t seem to care so I yelled, “Fine I have no choice!  You are all suspended until you all know what you have done!  And then you all have to right a ten paragraph essay about it, and it has to have two-hundred words in it too!”

Then they finally stopped, and were all on their hands and knees begging for mercy.  I was trying to decide if I should or not.  Finally I decided no, they already disobeyed enough rules.  And they weren't going to class either.  Plus I wanted to show them who is boss.

“Yes that is your punishment.  I do not expect to see any of  you walk into my school until a MONTH!!!!”  The second I yelled that they began to protest again, but this time they were yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs at ME!!!  Can you imagine THAT!!  I’m the one that gets to decide if they can come back earlier or later than what they're supposed to, and they are treating me this way.


When jake came back to school he was a different person and was a really cool guy, but when I like, told Bren about it she was like

“no way”

I say “way “

Shes all like gross. so I like am not her friend any more and my new best friend is no other than Jake.  I am glad about it except for one thing, I’ll like have to fight to keep him.


Ashley, the girl who always talks in questions, calls me and says that tomorrow everyone is boycotting the school for how they all are treating Sarah. I ask her why she called me and all she says is that she thinks I am kind of cute. What kind of joke is this? Anyway, she says that we should skip and hang out together and I tell her I am not sure if skipping is such a good idea.

“It will be like so fun? We could like go to the mall or something?” Ashley blabbers on.

“Don’t you think boycotting the school is a little much?” I ask, trying to bring this phone call to an end.

“No? Sarah is like one of my friends? Whoever gave her the answers must have been a really nice guy? He must have been trying to save her the trouble of like having to like study?”

“Did she tell you who gave the answers to her?” I ask with sweat gathering on my forehead and shaking hands. Ashley squeals and tells me she will call me back. Ruby and her must be hanging out or something. Did Sarah finally cave and give me up? I look out my bedroom window expecting to see a mob of angry popular kids but the only person outside is the mailman.


My Katie potatie called.  She sounded so excited, that I knew




At first I thought it was the boycott she was planning, but then she told me that the boycott was off!  Jake had told Chen everything.  She asked me if I wanted to hang out, and then only seconds after I hung up,  the phone wouldn’t quit buzzing!  It was like a bee that couldn’t land, and just kept

             flying on.  

But it didn’t bother me much, because I was so caught up thinking about Jake.  I couldn’t believe that he had actually turned himself in. So much for not telling!

It’s ridiculous what boys do.  You try so hard to save their skins, and then they end up biting themselves anyway.  Oh well.  At least I can go back to school,  and can hang out with Katie without worrying that I was going to give Jake away.  


First, I heard it from Brenda, than I heard it from Katie, then I heard it from Ashley, who was all like, crying, and talking so fast that I could hardly hear her.  She, like, said something about Jake Broder, like being the one that, like cheated.  When Brenda said it, I just, like, didn’t really believe her, but the way Ashley was acting, told me it was probably true.  What was confusing though was, like, why she was acting so weird.  She told me that she, like, actually thought that Jake Broder was, like, kinda cute.  Grose!  I told her that if he, like, really did give the answers away, and was really, like, the one that got Sarah kicked out of school, that she shouldn’t, like, even pay any attention to him.

10 Years later


I am enjoying life right now. I have a hot supermodel girlfriend and shes just perfect, I'm not the richest but she still loves me anyways. I plan to ask her to marry me soon and I even have the ring. That is until I bump into Ruby on a vacation and I realise i still love her. I break up with my girl and ask Ruby out. I have missed her so much.


I sit down on my couch staring at my beautiful wife Katie, holding our son. I reach out and put her hand in mine.

“ I love you so much.” katie says

“  I love you even more.” I say and kiss her cheek.


Me and Jake got married and I realised that he is perfect. He isn't just a nerd he's my cute nerd.  

             People make mistakes

                    Some for Better and

                               Some for worse

                                       Mine just happens

                                           To be the best.

If I hadn't gotten the test from Jake or have cheated then I wouldn't have found my true love. He is the best and I don't know what i would do if I hadn't ever noticed it.