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The Christmas Box

  • Close reading of the description of the mansion (page 8) 
  1. red block Victorian Mansion
  2. cream and raspberry wood trim
  3. dark green shingles
  4. rounded bay window on west side SUPPORTED a second story veranda balcony that overlooked the front yard 
  5. main floor porch and balcony run the length of the exterior 
  6. upheld by ornately lathed beams and decorative gold-leaf frieze
  7. brick chimney middle of roof
  8. wood and wrought iron spires that shot up decorously
  9. intricate latticework on base of house
  10. hidden here and there by trimmed evergreen shrubs
  11. cobblestone driveway encircled a black marble fountain in front of the house
  12. surrounded by a snow-covered retaining wall
  13. steps to the front porch
  14. double door entry carved with floral etched glass 

  • Create a plot graph of the novel
  • In small segments, compare the book with the movie using a Venn Diagram.
  • Create Christmas "boxes" and write two letters to someone you love. 
  • Write a final 5-paragraph in class essay comparing/contrasting the book with the movie. 

noun--a machine for use in working wood, metal, etc. that holds the material and rotates it about a horizontal axis against a tool that shapes it
verb--to cut, shape or otherwise treat on a lathe

adjective--of or relating to the reign of Queen Victoria "a Victorian house."
noun--a person who lived during the Victorian era

The Victorian period formally begins in 1837 (the year Victoria became Queen) and ends in 1901 (the year of her death).  As a matter of expediency, these dates are sometimes modified slightly.  1830 is usually considered the end of the Romantic period in Britain, and thus makes a convenient starting date for Victorianism.  Similarly, since Queen Victoria’s death occurred so soon in the beginning of a new century, the end of the previous century provides a useful closing date for the period.


attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.
"she was resplendent in a sea-green dress"
"the general was resplendent in his uniform"

The Movie
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