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Name___________________________________  Period_________


Hoffmann’s 8th Grade English

Civil Rights Movement PowerPoint


Research the Civil Rights Movement.

Using your research, create a PowerPoint.

Be prepared to present your PowerPoint to the class.


Checklist Rubric


______  #1 Slide Title

Include name of the presentation, student name, class period, date

______  #2 Slide Introduction

             Explain what the Civil Rights Movement was, where, and when

______  #3,#4, #5, #6, #7, #8 Slides illustrated events

(6 minimum) with 6 paraphrased/summarized explanations

______  #9 Slide Conclusion

             A text-to-self connection where you share what you learned/feel

______  #10 Slide Works Cited/Source(s)

List at least three (3) credible sources; can NOT all be the same site



______  At least six (6) slides must have written commentary

                    But you can have more events/slides

_______When appropriate, write in complete sentences

_______8th grade level conventions (punctuation, spelling, capitals, etc.)

______  When appropriate, use bullet points and/or other artistic, or                              organizational devices

______  Use color, and pictures to add an artistic, attractive element to your               presentation.

______  Use any style of font you’d like except Times Roman.

______  Font size, typically, should not be smaller than 24 points. Fonts                      must be varied in size (example: the title should be larger than the                  author; some things are more important than others; use font size as               a tool to catch the audience’s attention).

­­­______ Do NOT put too much information on one slide