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What Rights Are Missing?
There are many ways people's rights are limited or taken away. How would you define "right." When does your right end, and another's begin? Laws can be used to take away rights, but there are other ways--some of which happen IN SPITE of laws.  For example, a neighborhood bully can limit your right to use the park.  Lack of an elevator with a group can prevent a disabled person from using the second floor of a public library.  Can you think of other examples? 

Bully for You!
What is a bully? You will meet some in The Watsons.  Think about those you have known. Are there bullies at PJHS. What are some ways of dealing with a bully? Can you turn a bully into a friend? 

Kenny or Rufus
Both Kenny and Rufus get unpleasant attention from other students at school. Which character do you sympathize more with? Kenny or Rufus. Why? Explain in 3-5 sentences. 

On the Road Again
Have you ever taken a long trip? What was the traveling like?  How different from home was the place you visited? How did you feel about going home? Can you illustrate your feelings? If you've never gone on a long trip, share your ideas and imagination on what it might be like. 

Run away
fight back
get help
stand up for someone else